Upcoming Theme Dances and Series Classes:

Spring 2023

January 19th - Newbie Night: Join us for our beginners lesson at 7pm and get into our dance for free

January 26th - Lindy Hop 1 Series begins!

February 16th - Discount Valentines Day Candy: There's a reason why we say "No partner necessary" for our dances! We like the day(s) after Valentines Day because all of those sweet goodies go on sale. Come dance with us, you don't need to bring a partner (but you can if you'd like), and we'll share some discounted heart shaped candy with you!

March 2nd - Lindy Hop 2 Series begins!

March 9th - Lei Dance: We'll bring the leis, you bring the fun tropical costumes!

April 6th - Balboa Series begins!

April 13th - Black Tie: Need an excuse to get dressed up? We got you. Join us in your fanciest attire (or just put on a black tie) and come dance with us!

Swing Devils Calendar